This is the Wounded Paw Studio, a mixing/editing studio featuring a 36 track Quad8 Coronado mixing console.

As this is only a mixing, editing and overdubbing studio the bed tracks must be recorded elsewhere.
Check out MP3s from recordings done by Wounded Paw on the MP3s page.

 Recording Equipment 

36 track QUAD8 Coronado Mixing Console
MOTU 24I/O 24 bit 24 track interface
MOTU 2408Mk3 ADAT/Tascam interface
Summit Audio TLA-50 tube compressor x 2
ART Tube Mic Preamps and DI x 2
ART PRO VLA tube compressor x 2
DBX 166XL Compressor x 2
t.c. Electronics M300 Reverb and Digital Effects
LEXICON LXP-1 Reverb and Delay Unit
Mackie HR824 bi-amped Monitors
Sansamp Bass Driver DI
OZ Audio Q-Mix Headphone Matrix Amp


AKG D112
AKG 535 x2
Shure 57 x2

Amps and Instruments

early 70's AMPEG V4-B tube bass head
early 70's AMPEG SVT tube bass head
SWR 2x12 bass cabinet
AMPEG 4x10 bass cabinet
Bergantino 6x10 bass cabinet
1973 Fender Precision bass

All Wounded Paw Effects Pedals

Computer and Mastering Gear

Dual Pentium D 2.8Ghz, 2 GB RAM, WinXP Pro SP3
Steinberg Nuendo 3.0 and Wavelab 4.0
NAD 310 Integrated Ampliflier
CERWIN-VEGA 250SE monitors